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Breakthrough Synonyms & Antonyms
Find all the synonyms and alternative words for breakthrough at, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web. How to use breakthrough in a sentence? Stephen Hawking: We believe that life arose
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4. noun A realization or innovation that changes how a particular issue or thing is viewed. In this usage, the phrase is usually written as one word. Her breakthrough led the way for geneticists for decades to come. Penetrate a barrier or obstruction, as in They broke through the wall to get into the vault, or It won’t be long before we break through the code and map all human genes.
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„Breakthrough“ suchen mit: Wortformen von · Beolingus Deutsch-Englisch OpenThesaurus ist ein freies deutsches Wörterbuch für Synonyme, bei dem jeder mitmachen kann.
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Breakthrough (2019) Synopsis
Synopsis BREAKTHROUGH is based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses
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Definisi: breakthrough, Arti Kata: breakthrough

Definisi ‘breakthrough’ English to English noun 1 a productive insight source: wordnet30 2 making an important discovery source: wordnet30 3 a penetration of a barrier such as an enemy’s defense source: wordnet30 More Word(s) break through, come through, , ,
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Norethisterone, also known as norethindrone, is a synthetic progestational hormone belonging to the 19-nortestosterone-derived class of progestins.It is further classified as a second-generation progestin, along with [levonorgestrel] and its derivatives, and is the active form of several other progestins including [norethynodrel] and [lynestrenol].
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Breakthrough Silicon Valley

Breakthrough Silicon Valley is a college access and readiness nonprofit organization based in San Jose. We empower local middle school and high school students to achieve their dreams of being first-generation college students, while also inspiring future teachers
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Normalized Breakthrough Times (in Minutes) Chemical CAS Number State QS QC SL C3 TF TP BR RC TK RF Dichloropropene,2,3- (>95%) 78-88-6 Liquid 25 25 >480 >480 >480 >480 > indicates greater than. A blank cell indicates the fabric has not been
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Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Intelligence

Compute answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough technology & knowledgebase, relied on by millions of students & professionals. For math, science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music… This website uses
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VISITS TO DRUDGE 3/30/2021 022,674,427 PAST 24 HOURS 685,433,076 PAST 31 DAYS 9,572,116,036 PAST YEAR
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Breakthrough Pain & Medications That Can Help
“Breakthrough pain occurs when you’re doing something that triggers extra pain, like getting up after knee surgery,” explains Michael Ferrante, MD, director of the UCLA Pain Management Center.
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INNOVATIVE (adjective) definition and synonyms
Definition of INNOVATIVE (adjective): new, original, and advanced Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news.
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Automatic Text Simplification: A Breakthrough …

 · Automatic Text Simplification: A Breakthrough Innovation Dr John LEE Sie-yuen explains his new research project on automatic text simplification and its real-world applications Paid Post:
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What Event Helped the Allied Powers to Achieve the …

Although World War I witnessed combat in Africa, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, the Western Front in France and Belgium was the conflict’s key land-based battlefield.
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Synonym: Rejected, damaged, abandoned, relinquished Antonym: Cherished, worthwhile, kept Sentence: All his theories regarding black hole have been discarded by the scientists all over the world.
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synonym: Breakthrough Pain, BTP Symptome Durchbruchschmerzen sind akute und vorübergehende Schmerzen, die vor dem Hintergrund einer kontinuierlichen Schmerztherapie auftreten. Es handelt sich um eine akute Verschlechterung, die vor allem bei
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Will we ever control the world with our minds?
 · For decades, controlling computers by thought was the stuff of science fiction. But now we are tantalisingly close to a breakthrough. Science-fiction can sometimes be a good guide to the future